We make certain shipping your vehicle to Hawaii or Alaska is done as hassle-free and on time as we do with shipping your vehicle within the lower 48 states. One of the biggest benefits of using our company is you will never have to worry about a driver not making it into the port. Every vehicle that leaves a transport barge will be in an enclosed container. There are too many horror stories of cars being left outside of a port because the driver didn't have the correct license, resulting in unexpected and unwanted storage fees.


Transporting your personal items from state to state can be very stressful and demanding in itself, let alone to another country. Over the course of our decade of international transport experience we have been able to secure some of the best port discounts, and we forward these savings on to every customer, to make sure our prices are number 1! We have our own private international transport department that makes sure you're satisfied from the second your car is picked up until its in your driveway.


Our Veteran Transport Company is happy to offer Auto Dealers a convenient Transport option for your vehicles. We know not every customer purchases them sight on seen and will be in need of a reliable transport company for the final touch on selling your vehicle. With our competitive pricing, award winning customer service, and experienced drivers we make sure every customer is treated exceptional. We specialize in hassle free dealership auction transports:

  • Manheim Auto Auction

  • Copart Auto Auction

  • Insurance Auto Auction Inc, IAAI Auction

  • Adesa auto auction

  • National Powersport Auction

  • SkipCo Auto Auction

All and any other Dealership Auto Auctions We have our own department for commercial transports to make sure you get your inventory in and out as fast as possible! Call today for your free quote or fill out our quote form.


Our team of Veteran Transporters understands that some customers need their vehicle picked up right away. We offer a 24-72hrs Expedited service. Though it costs more, you get exactly what you pay for. Typically a faster delivery as well.



Our flexible service offers you a lower rate, but a longer pickup time for customers who are on a tight budget. With our flexible service, you can expect your car picked up some time within 10 day window. However, the pickup contact will always receive a 24-hr notice prior to the driver's arrival.