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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my vehicle be insured?

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires all auto transport carriers to legally carry two types of insurance. Most importantly a minimum of $100,000 coverage for cargo (vehicles) and an additional $750,000 worth of public liability insurance. Keep in mind, any damage(s) to your vehicle will be covered by the insurance policy of the transport carrier dispatched to move your vehicle. You can be assured they will take excellent care of your vehicle!

Booking Time
How far in advance should I book my transport?

We are here to cater to your needs, whether it's an expedited (24-48hr) pickup, or a flexible (5-day) window. There is no mission we can't complete. Typically like booking airfare, the more in advance, the better the savings.

Door to Door
Do you provide DOOR to DOOR transport?

The driver will come directly to your home or business to pickup and deliver your vehicle, if where you live is accessible to a semi-truck. No matter what, the driver will call the contact number provided directly, at least a minimum of 24hrs and again 1hour prior to arrival. Some housing developments will not allow a carrier and would have to meet outside of the community. NO TERMINALS.

Crated or Uncrated
Should I crate my motorcycle for transport?

Our preferred method for transporting a motorcycle, whether your bike is a Harley, a custom Chopper, a dirt-bike or even an ATV, is ENCLOSED. We offer the most competitive motorcycle transport prices with a price match guarantee! We insure your motorcycle is only handled with our state-of-the-art lift gates and soft-ties. As an option, we do offer economic friendly OPEN carrier services that fits all budgets and situations.

Additional Cargo
Can I ship items by putting them inside my vehicle?

The Carriers are licensed to ship vehicles. Shipping household goods requires an entirely separate license, which our carriers do not have. So yes its technically illegal, however they are still quite lenient and can allow up to 100lbs of addtional weight, possibly at no additional charge. Personal items in the vehicle are not covered under transport insurance.

Operable Vehicle
Does my vehicle have to be in running condition?

No it does not have to be in running condition, however additional fees for winching inoperable vehicles onto carriers will apply.

Open or Enclosed Carrier
Is shipping my vehicle with an OPEN carrier safe?

Shipping on an OPEN Carrier is the most common shipping method. The top or bottom space of a carrier can be requested. Open Trailers usually haul between 8-10 cars and are the most common and most available.

  • OPEN Carrier Advantages: Less expensive, more-readily available.
  • OPEN Carrier Disadvantages: Vehicles are exposed to weather, debris and other road hazards.

What type of carrier should my vehicle go on?

Open Carrier

The open carrier is considered the industry standard as well as the most popular. This truck will allow anywhere from 8-10 vehicles at any one time. Open carriers are usually the best option for a customer who needs a faster pickup, simply because there are many more available open carriers than there are enclosed.

Enclosed Carrier

Preferred for "higher end" vehicles, especially motorcycles. Also used for modified vehicles. Using an enclosed carrier prevents your vehicle from being exposed to elements such as weather, debris, other hazardous items that may damage the exterior of the vehicle. Though not in every case, enclosed carriers often provide a faster delivery too. Needless to say, this service will be more expensive.

Flatbed Carrier

This type of carrier is commonly used for over-sized vehicles that will not fit on your average carrier. If a vehicle is too tall, wide, heavy, and/or simply customized - then a flat bed is the way to go. Even though they are considered to be an "open carrier", they are not nearly as readily available, so plan early.

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